Buying A Domain Name

First things first – let’s buy that new domain name! Be sure to think of something easy to remember, and relevant to your brand and industry. And don’t be discouraged if the one you want is taken. Plenty of companies are getting creative lately, adding words like “shop,” “try,” “join,” and “thisis” to the front of their brand names, to score that coveted .com.

Now, most domain name registrars have access to the same inventory, so technically you can buy your domain anywhere they’re sold – but you shouldn’t. Why? It could cost you money, time, or impact the performance of your website. Read on to learn more about our recommended domain name registrars, and our reasoning behind the choices.

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Build Your Own WP’s Recommended Domain Name Registrars


Everyone needs a great domain name. Namecheap offers millions of those, along with great customer service, and a great app, useful for buying domains on the go (you never know when your next big idea might strike!).

Unlike other popular domain name registrars (ahem, GoDaddy, we’re looking at you!), Namecheap offers privacy protection for every purchase free of charge!

Check out their website for more,  or start your search now in the field below!

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iwantmyname is a New Zealand-based domain registrar company focused solely on domain registration and management – meaning they won’t be trying to sell you any services you don’t need, and they specialize in and excel at what they do.

They offer over 400 top level domains from .app to .zone, so if you’re looking for that unique domain (.coffee, anyone?) give iwantmyname a try!

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